Breathtaking Slow Motion Video Of Puff Adder Snake Attack

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With the aid of a water balloon, Steve from BBC Earth film in extreme slow motion, the awesome striking power of a super dangerous Puff Adder snake. 

The overall length of a Puff Adder is roughly 40″ and although typically a sluggish snake…they are not one to mess with. 

Typically Puff Adder snakes are found on land, but don’t let them fool you…they are great swimmers. 

If disturbed, they will hiss loudly and continuously, adopting a tightly coiled defensive posture with the fore part of their body held in a taut “S” shape. At the same time, they may attempt to back away from the threat towards cover.

They may also strike suddenly and at a high speed, to the side as easily as forwards, before returning quickly to the defensive position, ready to strike again. During a strike, the force of the impact is so strong, and the long fangs penetrate so deeply, that prey items are often killed by the physical trauma alone. The fangs are apparently able to penetrate soft leather.

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