Brian Williams Was Indeed The First Man On The Moon

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2/15/2015 –  Brian Williams has surely had one hell of a career. Williams has delivered the nightly news to people around the world for decades.  Mr. Williams is not just your average news anchor, Williams spent countless hours on the front lines of battle, traveling through space and at one point even appearing as an extra in the movie, Wizard Of Oz.

Williams has filled our heads with his adventure stories and filled our hearts with hope over the years.  In a recent interview Williams told the press that he in fact was the first man on the moon and it was “One hell of an adventure”. Williams went on to bring us live news coverage directly from the Lunar surface for years to come, his courage and correspondence is unprecedented and remarkable.


Brian Williams Footprint on the Lunar surface


It is clear to all that Brian Williams truthful delivery of the news and remarkable attention to detail is what has drawn scores of news buffs to tune in to the nightly news evening after evening.  His courage is simply incredible and a rarity in today’s world.  He is surely loved, from the Lunar surface to Earth and back!

Source : CJ@AJ