Brick-In Letterbox: A Valuable Addition To Your Home

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The letterbox may be an abode’s humble feature, but there’s far more to it than merely serving to collect your mail. Think of it as the element that keeps your letters, documents and info, as well as items you order online safe and secure from bad weather, as well as sticky hands. Function aside, it’s equally essential aesthetically, as it can more than improve your home’s exterior

While most people tend to look into the bigger details, like the design, style, and color of the doors, windows, gutters, and roofing, it’s the small details that can make a difference too. All things considered, a house isn’t a home without a letterbox. This is especially true for the elegant and sleek brick-in letterbox that’s created to fit seamlessly into an exterior feature like a wall or fence.  

Does a Brick Mailbox Add Value?

While all types of letterboxes have a value of their own, the brick-in certainly comes with its own set of benefits that others just can’t beat. If you’re after simplicity, minimalist beauty, and an added dose of protection, this is the investment you should make for your mail. 

The Understated Beauty

As this is the design of a letterbox that fits in rather than standalone, something that’s true both for the insert and brick-in parcel letterbox models, it’s perfect for those who don’t want this house element to draw too much attention. The simple and clean lines are the ideal aesthetic for anyone after subtly boosting the curb appeal, so rather than being a defining item, it harmoniously blends in with the rest of the surroundings and elements you have in your home’s exterior.

Available in a range of options, it’s easy to find the brick-in letterbox in different materials and finishes, so you have flexibility with the aesthetic you want to achieve. Consider the other pieces (e.g. door, door hardware, window, window hardware, lighting) to mix and match the material and finish accordingly, to capture the aesthetic you’re after.

No matter where you choose to add them, be it a wall, a small brick stand, or a fence, they will inject it with much-needed charm. More so if you enhance the mailbox with your address, either engraved or with easy-to-install stick-on numbers and letters. Not to mention, the letterbox, teamed up with the numbering and address is a more affordable solution to change the home’s exterior than having to do landscaping on a grand scale.

The Unmatched Longevity

Standalone letterbox features may be great when you want to create more of a stylish effect, but they’ve got nothing on the longevity, quality, and durability of the brick letterbox insert. This type is better in terms of the materials it’s made from, such as heavy-duty stainless steel and galvanized steel, which can stand up to wear and tear from weather elements as well as theft or vandalism attempts. 

And not only – it’s also got a longer lifespan because most of it is inserted. Anyone after low maintenance can rejoice with this kind of model as most of it isn’t susceptible to damage since it’s a letterbox brick insert added to the wall. 

Even the one built into the fence isn’t all exposed to the elements, so you should expect a little clean-up now and then to keep it looking its best. Simply wiping with a clean cloth would be done once a month as there wouldn’t be much dust and debris to get rid of. This is a chore that would additionally add to the longer lifespan, and keep the appearance neat and hygienic.

The Outstanding Security

The fact most of it is hidden makes it ideal for anyone who’s after an additional level of security. Living in a busy neighborhood, or an area where there’s a lot of traffic and many passers-by, getting one of the brick wall letterbox designs can give you peace of mind regarding your most confidential mail. 

The combination of more compactness and a lock offers a level of security that would deter the most determined of thieves from stealing your mail. The same can be said about the parcel alternative which can also be fitted in, and hide your boxes of belongings into the lockable compartments. Mind you, this doesn’t mean they’re any complicated to use, so it won’t be at the expense of delivery because of your choice of letterbox. 

The Carbon Footprint

One of the things that stresses an online shopper is not being home to receive the mail, after waiting patiently and with excitement for its arrival for many days. When you’ve got one of the convenient parcel and brick-in letterbox designs, there’s no need to worry about the delivery, or whether or not the postman is going to be successful on the first try. 

Given that it’s designed for utmost ease of use, as well as security, the package would be in right away. If your consumerism habits are something you don’t find to be proud of, there’s at least peace in knowing you don’t contribute to the carbon footprint too much, as there won’t be any additional trips necessary to safely get the items. So, there’s a silver lining in your shopping after all, and it’s all thanks to this letterbox! 

Just keep in mind that you have to make sure you choose the perfect location for it, to further facilitate the postman’s access to it, and deliver your mail easily. There’s no need to choose a wall that’s hidden behind greenery like a tree or a shrub. The wall or fence you pick for it should also be at a strategic spot. 

Remember that Australia Post has some rules and regulations you’d have to follow, including with the placement of the letterbox, so don’t get to start the installation process before knowing you abide by them. Doing so would also point out if you’re making the right choice regarding the size of this feature. Lastly, evaluate your orders, and what you typically receive. This way you eliminate the unsuitable options.