Bride And Groom Have A ‘Falling’ Out As They Are Being Driven Away From Their Wedding Ceremony

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bride groom fall out of car

Hana and Tyler Noland were just married and the couple could not be any happier! As the two exit their wedding ceremony they are greeted by friends and family waving balloons and releasing them into the sky. Everything seems perfect!

The couple make their way to a convertible that is waiting to take them to their wedding reception, climb in and sit on the back. As the driver puts the car in gear…the pair wave goodbye to the crowd. The driver, then hits the gas a little too hard on take off and the couple end up falling backwards onto the ground.

The concerned crowd rushes to their aid as one man is heard screaming ‘You f**king idiot‘. Luckily the bride and groom where not injured and the party continued.