Brilliant DIY Hourglass Time Out Chair For Kids

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If you have young children you have probably sat them in ‘time-out’ at least once or twice for poor behavior. Having four children in our household, I can say that we have used the time-out rule more than a few times as a way to settle down the situation and have our children reflect on the poor behavior that they portrayed.

One thing you may often hear while your child is sitting in time-out is ‘When can I get up?’, or ‘Is it time to get up yet?’. This can further escalate a child’s poor behavior as the child doesn’t have a full understand of time just yet, therefore they can become even more agitated.

This awesome DIY project is brilliant and can put an end to all of the above.

This ‘time-out’ chair is designed in the shape of an hourglass. When your child is placed in ‘time-out’, you simply flip the stool and when the sand makes its way to the bottom of the hourglass, the child is able to get out of ‘time-out’. This sets an expectation for the child and allows them to understand just how long they will be placed there.

Check out the instructional video below, it is an super easy #DIY project! The #video will walk you through step by step with written instructions as well!

Source : Youtube

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