Brother Channels Hannibal Lecter In Text Exchange With Sisters Unwanted Admirer

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One older brother spent three hours quoting one of the world’s most notorious fictional serial killers to his sister’s unsuspecting admirer – to hilarious effect.

When an unwanted admirer refused to leave her alone at a bar, one woman resorted to her usual tactic of giving him a phone number that was actually her brother’s.

But on this occasion, her older sibling decided to have a bit of fun – by responding to the man’s flirty text messages with creepy Hannibal Lecter quotes.

The ensuing exchange was hilarious, with the woman’s brother confusing the man with the cannablistic doctor’s one-liners while keeping his true identity a secret.

And brilliantly, the unidentified admirer continued to message the subject of his affection for nearly three hours before eventually realising that the person responding to him might not actually be her.


The text exchange came to light when the woman in question posted her brother’s messages – and her admirer’s replies – on Imgur under the name Lucy2Shoes.

The user, believed to be from New York, explained on the photo-sharing ‘site: “Every now and again I come across men at bars who won’t take no for an answer.

“Doesn’t matter that I tell them I’m not interested, I have a boyfriend, we own a home together, I’m never leaving him, I just want to hang out with my friends, so on and so forth.

“After failed attempts to get rid of them, I usually can get them to leave me alone if I give them my number. So, I give them my big brother’s.

“For this gentleman, my brother decided to only respond with Hannibal Lecter quotes.”

In the first message in the exchange, the woman’s admirer sends what he believes to be her number a chirpy text, reading: “Happy new year! How was Coney Island last night?”


In response, the female’s brother replies as Hannibal, goading FBI investigator Clarice Starling.

“Your job is to craft my doom so I am not sure how well I should wish you,” he replies in the voice of Thomas Harris’s notorious serial killer.

Clearly confused by his dream woman’s response, the man asks: “What do you mean?”

In response, the woman’s brother says: “People don’t always say what they’re thinking. They just see to it that you don’t advance in life.”


Remarkably, the man then tries to keep the conversation upbeat, insisting that he actually wants the woman ‘to advance in life’.

Over the next three hours, the admirer continues to reply to the brother’s creepy texts – at one point, even thanking the respondent for saying he has ‘courage’.

He tells who he believes to be the woman to ‘spend time with people who cherish you, celebrate you, love you’ and asks why she isn’t looking at life from a positive perspective.

He then tries a different tactic, asking her simply how she has been and whether she has found her phone.

However, Hannibal’s quotes eventually get to the man and he begs the woman to ‘have a normal conversation’ and not speak about ‘deep’ things.

In response, the woman’s brother quotes Hannibal in the 2002 film Red Dragon: “You’re in shock now. I don’t want you to feel any pain. In a moment, you’ll begin to feel light headed, then drowsy.


“Don’t resist. It’s so gentle like slipping into a warm bath.”

Completely perplexed, the admirer finally asks: “What are u talking about? Do u have the right person in mind? (sic)”.

The brother replies: “Is this Clarice?” before finishing the conversation with the last, terrifying line in The Silence Of The Lambs: “Well, hello Clarice.”

The amusing exchange has gone viral after being posted on Imgur last night, with many social media users praising the woman’s brother for his ‘genius’ responses.

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