Brothers Find Secret Room Behind Bookshelf And Soon Discover Something Super Creepy!

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A family purchased the home below a few years ago. The home was built in the early 2000’s and the house went up for sale after the builder/owner moved overseas. 

While two brothers were horsing around in their parents bedroom, shown below…they discovered something strange. 

The brothers were pushing one another back and forth in their parents bedroom when the youngest brother was pushed into the bookcase. When he fell into it…he held on to it as he pushed away from it. That is when it moved. 

Behind the door was a steel, spiral staircase that lead straight down. 

This is a picture of it looking straight down. It appears to go straight into the wall, leading to nowhere. 

…But…as you climb down the stairs, a tiny crawl space becomes visible. 

The brothers crawled into the tiny space and discovered this. 

Someone had been living inside of their walls. The older brother claims that the candy pictured above is actually his little brothers Halloween candy. 

In addition to the empty candy wrappers, there were other strange items in the found in the crawlspace. 

There was also a key. What it goes to, is a mystery. 

And of course…creepy dolls were found. There are always creepy dolls found in creepy places. 


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