New Video Shows Broward Deputy Scot Peterson Standing Outside During Florida School Shooting

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Broward Deputy Scot Peterson stands outside during shooting

Broward Deputy Scot Peterson stands safely behind a concrete wall taking no action as high school students lay dead and wounded just feet away, newly released video of the Florida school shooting shows.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office released the 27-minute video Thursday of the former longtime resource officer responding to initial reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14.

Peterson, who was assigned to the school and on site when the shooting began, is seen with a civilian security monitor at the start of the video, but spends most of the video standing outside the school with his gun drawn.

During the video, Peterson can be seen casually walking back and forth outside the building. Peterson never attempted to enter the building as children were being killed, just feet away.

Peterson was suspended without pay after word spread that he didn’t protect and serve his community during the shooting. Most recently, Peterson resigned from the department and retired in order to avoid being fired.