Turn Your Children’s Art Work Into Custom Stuffed Animals With Budsies! The Coolest Gift Ever!

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We recently spoke with our good friend Alex Furmansky, founder and CEO of the company ‘Budsies‘ and we wanted to share with you some of the awesomeness his incredible company has to offer.


You have probably heard of Budsies before as they once appeared on the hit TV show, ‘Shark Tank’, so yea, they are kind of a big deal! Since their appearance, Budsies has sold tens of thousands of custom, one of kind plush, 3D creations and if you have not ordered one before…you must!

Budsies is so much more than just a company that sells plush dolls. The business is full of heart and their back story is absolutely incredible. Budsies business model is genius and they are one of the most giving companies around when it comes to charitable donations. Budsies gives back to children’s organizations, both locally and nationwide.

Alex started the company for his little sister, Michelle, who is 16-years younger than him. He saw how her drawings were discarded and how much she enjoyed playing with her stuffed animals, which ultimately led him to create the business.

I watched her parading from camp, pre-school, and elementary school with really cool drawings on a regular basis. The best ones would start on the fridge but even her most imaginative ones would meet their inevitable fate in the recycle bin. Meanwhile, I noticed how much she loved to play and cuddle with her stuffed animals.

The entire company is based around people, emotion and heart. Having the ability to bring a child’s drawing to life, or turn yourself, a family member, child or friend into a plush doll is simply fun and exciting. It makes you smile and that is what the company is all about.




Alex shared a remarkable and intimate story with us about a young girl who was finally able to hug her father after he had sadly passed away when she was just a baby. 

The following post was shared to the Budsies Facebook page and it truly shows what Budsies is all about. budsies3


Besides the awesome uniqueness of Budsies, the company has also rolled out Selfies and Petsies. Both extensions of the Budsies company, focusing on reproductions of people and pets! 


The sky is the limit with Budsies and as a father of four youngsters I can honestly say that I look forward to watching my children open up their Budsies on Christmas morning! They will be mind blown as their original drawings come to life! 


Do yourself a favor and head over to Budsies and check them out, place and order and have some fun! Their ordering process is ridiculously simple and the quality of the product is priceless! After all, each piece is hand crafted per order! 



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