Buying a Used Car? How Does VIN Lookup Help You

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When purchasing a car, you should thoroughly inspect the vehicle and its documents before signing the title over. If ownership rights have passed, it may be difficult for you to recover your money once you realize the car has problems. In some cases, it is necessary to go through the legal system.

There will be costs and time involved even if you follow the law. The fact that used cars can be more expensive than new cars shouldn’t discourage you from buying them. The problem can be solved in a number of ways. It is important to do your research before buying a car.

A free online VIN checker, EpicVin can help you research the cars you want. This free VIN lookup tool can be used to find out any car’s VIN in a few steps.

VIN checks like EpicVin provide a summary of the vehicle’s history. There is no such thing as a common number for two motor vehicles. You’ll be able to ensure that the information you receive is relevant to the specific vehicle you’re interested in buying. Insurance companies, collision repair shops, and law enforcement can provide a comprehensive vehicle history.

Where to find the VIN on a vehicle

The VIN of a vehicle can be found at several places on its body.

Car manufacturers typically place the VIN on either the dashboard or doorjamb of the driver’s side, depending on the model. Some vehicles also have etched VINs on their bonnets and frames.

Likewise, you can find the VIN on the paperwork associated with a car, including the insurance policy, manual, and title.

Ensure the VIN is on all the documents and parts of the car. To make sure the VINs displayed are all the same, compare them. Next, click check in the search console of the EpicVin VIN lookup tool and input the 17-digit characters.

Using this online tool, you can find out the true history of the vehicle you want in less than a minute and avoid purchasing a car with a fraudulent title. You can do it in a few simple steps.

A VIN check can save you money

You could be hiding a history that could cost you money underneath a shiny, new paint job and freshly detailed interior. A VIN check can provide valuable information to assist in your decision-making. You may be limited to a particular loan amount if the vehicle has damage.

There are several things you can learn from the vehicle history report:

Damage caused by flooding that was not anticipated

Getting stuck with a used car with flood damage is possible even in areas where it rarely floods. Prior to being shipped to another state for resale, these cars can be restored to look brand new. A VIN check can reveal whether flood damage caused the vehicle to be totaled.

Issues of safety

It is dangerous to ignore vehicle recalls. Unrepaired airbags, steering wheels, or electric coolant pumps could result in tragedy. Run a VIN check before purchasing a vehicle to determine whether it is subject to a recall. Solving recall issues for free is usually possible if you work with an authorized dealer.

Repaired accidents and collisions in the past

The VIN check identifies vehicles with structural damage or major repairs. It is possible that the seller will keep all the details about the car’s history private. The original owner may only be aware of the vehicle’s history if they are the original owner. Fill in the gaps with a VIN check.

Usage of vehicles

The use of the vehicle depends on whether it was rented, used for deliveries, or used for ridesharing? In some cases, it may be possible, especially if the vehicle has a low mileage. Odometer rollbacks can be detected by checking the VIN. There is a dramatic increase in the vehicle report compared to the odometer reading, e.g., 90,000 versus 50,000. To get you to pay more for a vehicle, sellers may roll back the odometer reading. You can also miss crucial maintenance checks as a result of odometer fraud. Unserviced brakes, for instance, could be cited as a contributing factor in a crash for which you might be liable.

You won’t learn much from a VIN check

Even though VIN checks can provide more information than a look under the hood, they could be more foolproof. Data that is not reported will not be included in the VIN check if it is not reported. Imagine a situation in which a driver doesn’t make an insurance claim but has a friend perform the repairs. A vehicle history report is unlikely to reveal the prior damage.