Move Over Wine, Alcohol Popsicles Are The New Summer Treat!

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buzz pop popsicles alcohol booze

When the summer season hits, the good times roll and the adult beverages start flowing. However, this summer…the adult beverages will be chillin’ – not flowing.

A company called Buzz Pop Cocktails has created an alcoholic push pop that will blow up your taste buds and have you feeling groovy!

Sure you can mix up some pina coladas or strawberry daiquiris with your trusty blender, but that’s so much work!

The pops come in a ton of different flavors, including Pink Paradise Sorbet, Watermelon Patch, Mango Passion Fruit, Lemon Drop Martini, and Moscow Mule.

These pops will totally make you feel like a kid again…however they are not as cheap as the push up pops you are used to.

The pops cost $99 for 8 of them. Considering the amount of booze in them, they are well worth it!

It depends on the flavor, but the pops are filled with vodka, rum, whiskey, or tequila.

Each pop has an alcohol content of %15, which is more than a glass of wine! So yea…awesome!

You can purchase the pops right online HERE!