By Doing These 7 Anti-Wrinkle Exercises Everyday, You Will Look Younger Than Ever

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Did you know that by merely doing daily face lifting exercises, or otherwise known as face yoga can be better than going under the knife? Surgery is painful and expensive, and doesn’t guarantee the same quality as the face ages naturally. By doing face yoga, not only can you achieve a natural lift, but it also strengthens all the muscles around your facial area! 

Here are some simple and effective anti-wrinkle exercises we can do daily to invest in our beauty and health: 

SMILE to avoid protruding ‘laugh lines’.

Repeat this ten times. 

Smile, then gently put your fingers on both sides of the laugh lines and pull the skin the towards your ears. 

Activate the muscles while pulling and feel them resisting with your fingers. 

MAKE laugh lines less visible.

Repeat ten times.


Position your index fingers alongside your laugh lines.

Purse your lips and press them as tightly as you can to your teeth for. 

Hold the muscle tension for 30 seconds, then release. 

FIGHT against wrinkles 

Put one finger each on the area where your nose meets the inner eyes. 

Massage this area gently with small circular motions starting from the inner eyes, to the area close to the ears. 

SMOOTH your forehead

Repeat this 20 times. 

Place both palms on your forehead with your pinkie fingers above the eyebrows. 

Raise your eyebrows as if surprised overcoming the resistance to the location of both hands. 

Relax your forehead and repeat the movement. 

Increase the number of times of this exercise if you wish to do so. 

WHISTLE to keep the lips full 

Repeat at least five times. 

Source: Youtube – Glamrs

Purse your lips as if you are whistling and strain the muscles as strong as you can. 

Stay in this position for ten seconds, then return your lips to normal. 

PUFF your cheeks for a fresher look 

Repeat this ten times

Take a deep breath through the nose with your mouth closed. 

Puff the cheeks and hold your breath for 5 seconds. 

With a force, exhale all the air through your mouth but with your lips closed the whole time. 

STRAIN your mouth to avoid drooping 

Put your fingers inside both corners of your lips and gently pull the skin of your mouth on opposite ends. 

Resist the pressure by strengthening your lip muscles. 

After doing your daily face yoga, use Vitamin E to help your skin look younger and brighter at a faster pace. Other than lessening wrinkles on the skin, this vitamin also prevents skin cancer, and moizturises the skin. 

Did you enjoy doing some face yoga?


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