California Haunted House So Scary Guests Need To Sign A Waiver | Video

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A couple in Tustin, California is behind the newest, most terrifying haunted house that is so creepy it requires guests to sign a waiver before venturing in.

Robbie and Heather Luther created the house which they call The 17th Door.

“There’s a lot going on, where it’s very interactive and immersive and kind of invades your space. You will get touched and you might get wet,” Heather said.

Once brave visitors step through the door, they find themselves inside the demented head of Paula, a freshman student at Gluttire University.

Each group will then spend about 60 seconds in 17 different rooms, each with a unique theme and created with a painstaking amount of detail including monsters lurking around every corner.

The Luthers say that their team of designers started  construction on the house in April.

“A lot of money, a lot time, a lot of effort, a lot of sweat and some tears – not his, mine,” Heather said.

So what’s the big difference between the 17th Door and traditional haunted houses? Well for one, once the doors are closed, the only way to get out is to use the word “mercy.”

So far over 350 people have used the safe word, said Heather.

The house has only been open for two weeks and has had about 800 visitors each night, all of which refer to the experience as “intense”.

“It’s super intense. I’ve actually worked in haunted houses as an actor myself and this is very, very intense, very scary,” Moreno Valley resident Monique Martin said.

Tickets cost between $21 and $35. The house is open on select days until Nov. 1.



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