Canadian Woman Caught Walking Her Husband On A Leash To Evade Covid Curfew Rules

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It’s reported that the woman even had a plastic bag with her…(that’s not true, that was a joke)

A husband and wife in Canada were fined $1500 each after the woman was found ‘walking’ the man on a leash.

The incident occurred in Canada’s Quebec on Saturday night when the woman was caught walking her husband on a leash like a dog at 9 pm, an hour after coronavirus curfew was imposed.

The 8 pm curfew was imposed by Quebec premier Francois Legault, premier of Quebec in Canada, to contain rising cases of COVID-19. On January 9.

When asked by cops why she was breaking the curfew, she said that she was within curfew rules to walk outside of her house till 1 km to walk her dog outside of curfew hours. When the police pointed out that her husband was not a dog, the woman got upset.

The new curfew runs from 8 pm to 5 am, even as non-essential businesses remain shut and home gatherings prohibited as part of a “shock treatment” to save lives and the province’s health network, Premier Legault said last Wednesday. Schools will remain open, he said.