Cancer Industry Not Looking For A Cure; They’re Too Busy Making Money

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The notion that the cancer industry isn’t truly looking for a ‘cure’ may seen crazy to many, but the proof seems to be in the numbers.

As noted by Your News Wire, if any of the existing low-cost, natural and alternative cancer treatments were ever to be approved, then the healthcare industry’s cornerstone revenue producer would vanish within months.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that big pharma would ever want that to happen. The industry seems to be what is keeping us from a cure.

Lets think about how big a business cancer has become over the years. In the 1940’s, before all of the technology and innovation that we have today, just one out of every 16 people was stricken with cancer; by the 70’s, that ratio fell to 1 in 10. Today, one in two males are at risk of developing some form of cancer, and for women that ratio is one in three.

Adds Health Impact, “We have lost the war on cancer.” The site notes further:

“The cancer industry is probably the most prosperous business in the United States. In 2014, an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. $6 billion of tax-payer funds are cycled through various federal agencies for cancer research, such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI states that the medical costs of cancer care are $125 billion, with a projected 39 percent increase to $173 billion by 2020.” 

One of the beliefs among people is that cancer has become to big of an industry. Generating too much revenue and employing too many people to simply ‘find a cure’ or have a cure ‘approved’. In addition, the current amount of research on cancer medications seems to state that there is an overwhelming thought that the disease will ‘grow’ as does (the market).

A 2010 documentary entitled, Cut Poison Burn, presented many powerful facts regarding corruption in the business of conventional treatments for cancer (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) in the U.S. Below are a few quotes taken from the documentary that reveal why we’re no closer today than ever to a cancer cure, as reported by Your News Wire:

“From 1920 to the present time, we have made little progress in the treatment of adult cancers. So, a person who gets prostate cancer or breast cancer today will live as long as a person who got it in 1920.” – Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D., Founder, Simone Protective Cancer Center.

“Why are people terrified when they hear the word cancer? Because they know it [conventional cancer treatment] doesn’t work.” – Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. Founder, Whitaker Wellness Institute

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud.” – Dr. Linus Pauling 1986, Nobel Laureate

When you think about it, there is nothing in ‘modern’ cancer treatments that results in actually healing or a cure.

Natural News founder Mike Adams had this to say in regards to the cancer industry:

“Treating cancer with anything that actually works has been entirely outlawed in the United States, where ‘healing has become a crime,’ say independent observers. The conventional cancer industry isn’t interested in curing the disease; it’s interested in profiting from its continuation.”