Can’t Grow A Full Beard? This ‘Beard Beanie’ Should Solve That Problem!

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Beards, some men can grow awesome ones, others, well…they can’t quite pull one off. If you are one of those guys who just can’t pull off that manly facial growth, we have a solution for you!

It is called the Beard Beanie and although it is more of a practical joke item, this facial warmer will surely give you the extra stubble you are looking for!

beard beanie2


The Beard Beanie will provide your face with 40 grams worth of insulate protection too!

beard beanie4


This bad-boy will hug your face like no other Beard Beanie on the market, all of this with no itching too! That is certainly pro to not having a real beard!

beard beanie1

For just $34 you can have your very own Beard Beanie. The beard is attached to the hat so it is an all-in-one unit! There are are color options available also!


So the next time you are around a bunch of manly men with thick, full, awesome beards you don’t have to worry if your lacking in the facial hair department! Just slap on your Beard Beanie and everyone will think you have the coolest beard around!

Just think how great these would be for #camping 🙂

You can buy one HERE…and remember to tag you beardless friends with this post!

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