30 Cars That Owners Get Rid Of Within The First Year

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Car enthusiasts do love their vehicles. Be it a sedan, convertible, SUV, or truck, luxury or economy, gasoline-run, electric or hybrid. People are fascinated with their favorite ride. Some would rather commute and save up for their preference, rather than get a second-hand car for practical purposes. Unfortunately, it seems more are getting disappointed and return or trade-in their vehicles within a year of purchase.
Whatever the reason, maybe it did not live up to their expectations, or was defective or unreliable, or simply due to affordability. Car dealers should be alarmed, and maybe change their styles of dealing with buyers. Customers want to have a sense of control in their purchases, after all, it’s their money. Most car dealers take on the lead role and undermine their customer’s knowledge and preference for a vehicle. Some customers are then forced to purchase a car that they do not need or want. Dealers should support their customers and not pressure them with sales talk and false expertise. And customers should know what car they want before entering a car dealership, and not be swayed by the salesperson’s sales talk.
So given that, here are some vehicles, in no particular order, that have been returned, exchanged, or re-sold due to failure to live up to its name: