She Heard A Strange Noise From Inside The Wall And Discovered The Unimaginable Hiding Inside

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cats kittens hidden inside wall

Surely you are familiar with the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, which is applicable in various instances. Cats are able to get themselves into some seriously tight and sketchy places, often getting stuck. Maybe they saw something move or heard some kind of noise, but either way, something peeked their curiosity enough to put them into a compromising situation.

Female cats also seek out certain ‘cozy’ spaces when they are expecting kittens. They hide in tight and dark spaces because they feel they will be safe there. Of course they don’t ever think about the dangers those dark and scary places may pose.

Well, this was the case when one home owner heard some strange noises, resembling kittens in distress, coming from inside her walls.

The woman poked a hole into her wall and started removing insulation and digging around inside the wall.

That’s when the found four kittens had managed to find themselves trapped inside the wall.