Caught On Camera: Something Strange Was Happening Overnight At This Animal Shelter

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Something strange was happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Every morning, staffers would arrive to work to find certain dogs had been out of their cages, roaming around and eating all the food in the kitchen.

The animal shelter staff tried for days to figure out what was happening, thinking it may be a prank by another staff member, or just someone being malicious, but it was neither one of those theories.

With no other options, the staff installed cameras to capture the nights events. For the first two nights, nothing happened, but on the third night, something incredible happened.

Red, the dog with the best “prison plan” out there, escaped! Red, clearly being super duper smart, found an easy way to get out just by watching his handler’s actions when opening his door.

Soon enough Red started letting only his friends out with him, to enjoy in the nightly festivities.

What a smart pup!


(via – Youtube)

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