Caught On Tape: GoPro Camera Catches Passenger Plane Crashing Into The Ocean

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A passenger on this small plane was wearing a GoPro camera while flying, and it was recording the entire time. In the video, passengers are alerted only seconds before the plane they are on crashes into the ocean near Hawaii.

The planes emergency alarm starts to beep and the GoPro camera is pointed out the window where the ocean water is fast approaching. Passengers remarkably remain calm and find the planes safety flotation devices. Water starts filling the inside of the plane at a rapid pace and passengers begin jumping out of the emergency exit, the GoPro camera never stops rolling.

Survivors grasp a hold of what is left of the plane, but the plane eventually sinks to the ocean floor. Sadly there was one fatality that resulted from the crash.

Take a look at the video below, it is a real first hand view of what every flyer has thought about at least once.

(via – Youtube)