Celebrate Patriotic Holidays with The United States Flags

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When Independence Day is just around the corner, how your town prepares for the event? Typically, the Fourth of July is the date involves a parade and fireworks in the evening. On this day, the whole United States celebrates the country’s independence which is also the perfect occasion for waving American flags. Celebrating all over the town, displayed full-size banners fly from poles, lamp posts and later get included in a parade. On patriotic holidays, the spectators as well show pride to their country by showing respect and waving flags.

Whereas, stick flags are generally a small banner with the stars and stripes printed on cotton, nylon or polyester and attached to a plastic or wooden stick. These stick flags are only used for patriotic holidays and do not need to withstand the elements. Also, these miniature stick flags are convenient for children to hold and wave.

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However, the United States flags are being kept outdoors for several days at a time and start to get faded. You buy an American flag in various places, but all those flags are not created with equal love. Here comes our quality service to you! We, as an American flag store, make the USA flags with utmost care and pride. By executing this, we help to support our economy, keep employment here in America, and ensure that your American flags are of the highest quality.

We provide a wide variety of American Flags in various sizes, materials, and styles. No matter what type of the United States flag you’re looking for, we are always here to help you find it!

Do You Know What Type of American Flag is Ideal for You?

There are so many flag type options available online that make it tough to choose the ideal one for you for patriotic holidays. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! We have reviewed some of the most common American flag materials below to let you choose the best for you.

Fully Sewn Flag Vs Printed: A printed flag includes an image to be printed on to the nylon material whereas, a sewn flag is made by joining the individual pieces of coloured fabric with thread.

Cotton Flag: These flags are perfect for ceremonies, indoors, or during good weather days where it can be displayed outside for an extended period. Also, it does not get wet since this fibre is great at absorbing water.

Polyester: The polyester material looks like cotton and is heavier as compared to nylon. These flags require more substantial wind to fly and are available with grommets for mounting or as an American flag banner with a sleeve.

Nylon: Nylon material being the most popular for flags because of its light weight. Flag made for this fibre is the most common outdoor flag in the market in the United States. These flags are all sewn with lock-stitched and embellished with embroidered stars. Our nylon made flags resist fading and have extra stitching rows on the fly end for added durability.

Sizes We Make for American Flags:

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Do You Know You Can Customize American Stick Flags!

Yes, you have heard this right! You can customize your own American flag using our portal to suit your needs and pride. We make you customize in vibrant colours and make sure each detailing goes smooth with the fabric and design.

We can also customize your American stick flags by printing your brand name on it, isn’t that sounds cool? However, these miniature flags are a fun and unique way to stand out when celebrating a patriotic holiday.

Size We Make for American Stick Flags:

The most popular size we make is 8″ x 12″.

We also offer several types of stick flag bases because you may be searching for a flag holder for your stick flag. You can browse our extensive selection of stick flags, and without any doubt, you can go ahead to lock your shopping cart! Make sure to check out our biggest announcement on Stick flags for sale!

So, are you ready to buy these beautiful and solid embellished flags for patriotic holidays celebration? Shop our broad selection of high-quality flags that we make right here in the USA with love and pride!

If you have any flag customization related queries, you are free to reach us at 1-800-858-8776 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 EST or contact us by email.