49 Celebrities Before They Became Famous

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Source: Awesome Jelly

For so many decades, these Hollywood stars have captivated us with their performances. They’ve moved us to tears, either crying over a slow-witted man’s monologue about knowing what love is or laughing at a pet detective emerging from the butt of an artificial rhinoceros. They’ve had us on the edge of our seats and holding our breath as they hid from raptors in the kitchen, or they got us screaming in the cinema as a young child sees startling images of dead people.
These celebrities have also inspired us with the roles they played in movies, like the salesman Chris Gardner struggling, spending nights in a subway station’s bathroom or a homeless shelter with his son, before he found success and formed his own multimillion-dollar brokerage firm. They also allowed us to get away from our busy lives for a while with an epic fantasy of hobbits, dwarves, wizards, and elves.
Seeing them on the big screen, on the TV, on giant billboards, and on magazine covers, it’s hard to imagine how they started off with ordinary—and not-so-ordinary—jobs before they rose to fame. Before he became the captain of the Millennium Falcon, Harrison Ford was a carpenter. Ellen DeGeneres only performed at a local coffeehouse before hosting her own TV talk show. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer before he played the Headless Horseman and became a music video icon. Some of these personalities worked in diners and fast food restaurants as attendants, cashiers, or janitors before they landed the roles of their dreams.
Keep on reading to get a peek into the lives of our favorite celebrities before they became the Hollywood stars known all over the world today: