Celebrities Who Are Not As Rich As You Thought

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Source: Awesome Jelly

Celebrities are known to have wonderful lifestyles most of us dream about. The glamorous parties, the cool perks, great jobs, and best of all, fantastic paychecks. However, not all celebrities make as much money as we think they do. It may come as a surprise, but some are actually quite poor. There are many possibilities why this happens. Bad investments, expensive habits, costly divorce settlements, or simply bad luck and timing, can happen to anyone. Celebrities included. It may be pretty embarrassing for them, especially if the media hypes it up. This is by no means meant to add to that embarrassment. It is just to satisfy the curiosity of some of us, who believe all celebrities live in a dream world. They are real people after all.
Check out some of the celebrities we thought were richer than they actually are: