43 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Rude In Real Life

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Awesome Jelly

The biggest movie stars have stolen our hearts playing the selfless heroine who volunteered as tribute, the charming Los Angeles prostitute who found her fairy tale ending, or the amazing web-slinger who understood that with great power comes great responsibility. As fans, it’s easy to imagine our favorite celebrities to be as charismatic and gracious in real life. However, even America’s Sweethearts have bad days. It’s understandable when they get annoyed with the paparazzi who follow them everywhere or requests for selfies or autographs when they have just sat down to have dinner. Still, you’d think they’d be more patient and nicer to their fans.
We don’t want to draw conclusions from rumors, although sometimes we hear stories not just from fans but also from other celebrities who had rude encounters with their colleagues. It’s shocking to discover that a few of the seemingly nicest people in Hollywood aren’t as lovely in person as they appear on the big screen.
Click through the gallery to find out which celebrities have been allegedly rude to their fans and even their industry peers.