Celebrities With Surprisingly High IQs

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Photo by Awesome Jelly

Most of us don’t think celebrities – movie stars, singers, etc., are generally smart. After all, smarts are not a prerequisite of their work, that is probably why they chose that line of work in the first place, right? Well, guess what? Most of us happen to be wrong. Believe it or not, there are some very intelligent celebrities, some with genius-level IQs. Most test-takers average about 85-115 scores, and superior IQs score about 125-150, which is quite rare. Rarer are those over 150, which is genius level.
We know for a fact that there are some celebs out there with high IQ levels because we read about them, or heard about it from a good source. But how smart are they? And surely there are a lot of others we never thought could possibly be that smart…maybe they portray characters who are on the opposite side of the spectrum.
Well, here is a list of some 30 celebrities from lowest to highest IQ: