‘Changing Batteries’ Get The Tissues Out For This Heartfelt Animation

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This video serves as a reminder to all of us to give importance to our parents specially their needs as they grow older. They need us to be there to help them in times they need us. They deserved to be loved and cared for, this is our only way to give back all their sacrifices for us. Let us cherish every moment we have with our parents so that until the end of time they will feel that they are important. In this video, a son sent a package to his mother because he could not visit her. The package contained a robot. The robot helped her in doing the household chores such as sweeping the yard, cleaning the house, watering the plants and assisting her because of her old age. The robot became like her son. It joins her in dinner and even in watching TV. As time passed by she got sick and died.

Source : Youtube