Make Your Own Awesome ‘Ponytail Hat’ With These FREE Crochet Patterns!

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Crocheted ponytail hats are all the rage right now! Local Facebook ‘For Sale’ pages are full of people offering to make them for a reasonable price, but some are a tad pricey. So, why not just make one yourself!

Finding a free crochet ponytail hat pattern can be a hard task, but we rounded up a few that should get the job done!

1. June Nemeth designed this free crochet pattern for ponytail hat and it can be downloaded here.

2. Jennifer Pionk from A Crocheted Simplicity whipped up this free crocheted ponytail hat pattern. You can get the pattern on her website here.

3. Wilma Westenberg offers this puff crochet stitch ponytail hat pattern free on her site Get it here!

4. Patricia Hanel designed this awesome beginner ponytail hole hat. It’s available here.

5. April Draven designed this drawstring ponytail beanie. She has the pattern available for free on her website here.

Another pattern is available from Patterns by Dot, and can be found on her website.

6. This hat is designed by Kayla Rollin. You can purchase it here. (not free, but we thought we would include it)

This hat is designed by Kayla Rollin. You can purchase it here. (Again, not free, but it’s pretty cool)

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