Cheetah Jumps On Jeep, Face To Face With Tourists During Kenyan Safari

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Tourists on a safari in Masai Mara, Kenya got the thrill of a lifetime when a cheetah decided to get up close and personal with them. 

While travelling through the wild Kenyan lands, the group of tourists riding in an open topped Jeep, came across a cheetah. 

The cheetah seems, curious and rather relaxed as it slowly approaches the Jeep. Tourists can’t believe what they are witness, but they surely had no clue what they were about to witness! 

In a blink of a eye, the cheetah jumps up on top of the Jeep and sits majestically, taking in the view. The tourists snap pictures and video of the beauty, all the while holding their breaths. 

In an instant this wild beast could turn and attack, as they are 100% wild! After a few minutes of sitting, the cheetah seems rather comfortable and decides to lay down. The cheetah remained on the Jeep, just inches away from a group of amazed people for nearly 45-minutes. 

The cheetah finally jumped down as a line of tourists watch from behind the Jeep. The tourists could breath again and they were left with an experience they will never forget!

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