Chef Wears A GoPro During A Super Busy 30-Minute Lunch Service

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Jack Croft is the head Chef and owner of the top-rated Fallow Restaurant, which can be found in the Saint James’s neighborhood of London.

Croft decided to wear a GoPro camera during a busy lunch service in order to share with the world in 4k, what cooks go through during a busy service.

“Head chef Jack wears a GoPro during lunch service on a Friday afternoon, in 4K,” the video description reads and this is actually selling him short. We are in awe of this video and we have never seen anything quite like it. More chefs should be doing this so that people can see just how hard they have to work on a daily basis.

The video can be seen below. It will more than likely make you feel a little tired after watching how fast paced and intense a busy service can be!