1969 Chevy Commercial Shows ‘Liquid’ Tire Chains As Vehicle Option!

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Chevy liquid tire chains

Traction problems? Snow problem! Not with the 1969 Chevy Caprice!

Below you will see an original commercial that aired for the 69′ Caprice. The car boasts controllable interior heat, a rear window defroster, anti-theft, self cleaning headlights and liquid tire chains.

That’s right!

The onboard system promised that at the push of a button, improved traction through chemistry would be achieved. As option V75, it launched in 1969 on everything from full-size Chevrolets and sporty Chevelles to the economical and compact Chevy II. Liquid Tire Chain joined a group of other late-’60s wintery options such headlight washers, a rear-window defroster, and an engine block heater.