Children Watch As Massive Creepy Puppets Re-enact Childbirth, Life And Death In Graphic Detail

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Call me old fashion, but when I was a kid, I went to puppet shows that featured people placing puppets on their hands and creating some sort of childish story for all to enjoy. Boy oh boy have things changed!

The show is all part of a live art installation called ‘Everybody’s born, Everybody cries, Everybody s***s and Everybody dies’. This art performance was put on by, Snuff Puppets, a Melbourne, Australia group.

The peculiar and confusing act sees the enormous figurine inexplicably get killed after a brick lands on its head, then after a few moans gives birth to a giant baby. The baby feeds on a large detachable breast that sprays the onlooking children with milk.

The puppet show doesn’t stop at childbirth however. As if the show was not already very graphic, it takes an even harder turn down graphic avenue.

The show features the death process off the large adult puppet, showing the puppet losing it’s bowels and at one point, a large penis comes out of nowhere and sprays down the crowd.

The performance is getting mixed reviews. Some folks are saying it is a brilliant way to teach children about life and others, well…they think it is just plain creepy and weird.

Check out the full performance below.

Source : Youtube

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