Chilis Is Serving Up Gallon Jugs Of To-Go Margaritas

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Chilis’ birthday is coming up and you don’t want to miss it!

When you head to Chili’s on their birthday (3/13), you can grab $3.13 Presidente Margaritas! That is their gift to you and we are going to be claiming ours soon enough. The margaritas are hand-shaken, so you know they are going to be awesome.

But the gift giving doesn’t stop there.

Their latest gift to customers is a new menu item that really blows everything else away: a gallon-size margarita!

Typically, the gallon size margaritas cost $40 but they are cutting a special deal because it is their birthday. Now, you can have a gallon-size margarita of your very own $30.

Meanwhile, those who are choosing to stay home are being offered one last gift that is sure to turn some heads. The birthday-party-in-a-box kits are the best way to enjoy the special occasion without having to leave home. Head to any of Chili’s social media channels and comment on the Chili’s Birthday giveaway post to enter.