Chilling Fan Mail Sent To Theater Shooter James Holmes Is Very Disturbing

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Now this is just plain sick. The fact that there are people out there in this world that glorify such horrific crimes and take the time to write and send pictures of themselves to a mass murder.

“You are my darling,” a letter to James Holmes reads. “You are incredibly mysterious and I am drawn to that,” reads another.

cell wall

Fan’s of Holmes are hung up on his cell wall.

These are snippets from the hundreds of pages of mail from admirers, along with a letter from the killer’s mother, released last week by the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office in Colorado. The letters, mainly from young women and all dating from September or October 2012, are just a sample of the thousands Holmes received while he was on trial. They offer a compelling look into the minds of those obsessed with a man who murdered 12 people in July 2012.

“I worry about you every day, and think about you several times a day as well,” reads one letter from a woman who goes on to compliment Holmes’ taste in music and clothing. The writer says she started making her fiance wear plaid after seeing an old photo of Holmes wearing it.

cell wall2

“I love you Jimmy”

Perhaps most heartbreaking is the letter from Holmes’ mother, Arlene, who urges her son to pray and suggests Bible passages he should read if he has “a ‘depressing’ day” or if he can’t sleep at night.

“Our church is praying for our family and rest assured that includes you,” the letter says. “I love you Jimmy. Love, Mom aka Goober. P.S. Can you please approve Dad, myself and Chris on your visitor list?”

cell wall3

Photo of the movie theater where Holmes shooting spree happened.

Below you can view the admirer letters that were sent to Holmes.

James Holmes Fan Letters