Christmas Trees ‘Argue’ During Creative, One Of A Kind Light Show

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Over the years, people have really upped their game in regards to putting on an outdoor Christmas light show. From syncing Christmas lights to music that can be heard on the radio by passing peepers to just putting as many lights as possible around your house and allowing people to drive by in awe.

There is one family though that truly upped their gamed this year and created a Christmas light show like no other!

Brielle Faith happened to be driving through her neighborhood when she stumbled across this hilarious exchange between two ‘lit up’ trees!

She quickly took to TikTok to share the comedic light show. She wrote, “So the other night I was driving through my neighborhood and then saw some trees arguing.”

The trees were arguing over the fact that they were not in sync when starting the festive light show. The large tree would count to three in order to begin the show, but the little tree can’t count — therefore the tree would prematurely start the light show.

There is a lot going on and it’s quite impressing — it’s probably best if you just check out the light show below!