Church Accidentally Prints The Lyrics To Tupac’s ‘Hail Mary’ Instead Of Actual Prayer

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Prayers from the Bible often reference wine, but they certainly are not talking about Hennessy, guns or anything else referenced in Tupac Shakur’s 1996 song “Hail Mary.” But that wasn’t stopping one church in Sri Lanka from accidentally distributing the lyrics to the rap song instead of the Catholic prayer of the same name!

The lyrics were included in a booklet of prayers for the church’s Christmas carol service in the capital city of Colombo. The mistake was noticed rather quickly and members of the church took to Twitter to share the find.

The book, by the way, advertised the event as “A Festival of Music for Peace & Harmony” so a line like “F— the world if they can’t adjust, it’s just as well, Hail Mary” is probably not going to sit well with many parishioners.

A lot of people were in shock, while some thought it was a rather funny mistake.

The booklet was apparently prepared by a young boy, who had simply downloaded the wrong version of “Hail Mary”from the internet. Oops!

Clearly the young man looked over such lines in the song as: “I ain’t a killer but don’t push me. Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin’ p****”

The mistake was caught prior to the beginning of the festivities, but in rather funny fashion, the booklets had already been distributed!