Circus Elephants Rush To Help Friend Who Fell During Cruel Stunt

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Elephants forced to perform tricks for a circus in Belarus were seen hurrying to the aid of their fellow captive after he slipped and fell during a dangerous stunt.


As seen in the video, the elephant fell roughly six feet. The audience gasped in horror as the large animal started to topple over. This is just another example of how ridiculous it is to have Elephants held in captivity to perform such ridiculous stunts for human entertainment.

Amazingly after the fall, two elephants are seen rushing to the aid of a fallen friend. In a different angle, you can see the elephants standing by their fallen friend, concerned as he struggles to get back on his feet.


No spectators were hurt in the fall, but Belarus media outlets report that the elephant was injured.

Sadly, these types of situations happen often and will continue to happen. This situation simply underscores the true issue at hand. The fact that behind the scenes, these beautiful animals are forced to obey by the means of various abuse tactics, geared towards breaking their spirits, fear and intimidation.

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