City Pays The Homeless $9.25 An Hour To Pick Up Trash And Clean Up The Streets

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Little Rock, Arkansas is paying the homeless $9.25 an hour to pick up trash around the city —  two bucks more than the federal minimum wage!

The program, which is called ‘Bridge to Work’ has been in place since April of last year and it is an incredible success!

Paul Atkins of the Canvas Community Church, which runs the program, had this to say:

We’re super excited about what has gone on, and we hope to be able to keep the momentum going.

We want to work with them on their next step. There are a lot of barriers that our people experience to go from homelessness and panhandling to full-time work. There’s a lot of steps in between.

The program was initially set to only go into effect for six months. However, where the program is successful, it will continue throughout the entire year 2020.

A total of 130 sites have been cleaned, 2,056 bags filled with trash and 1,821 hours worked since the program started, with over 380 people joining.

How amazing is this??? Imagine if every city had a program like this!