Non-Kitchen Items You Should Consider Cleaning In Your Dishwasher!

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The dishwasher is an appliance that we often underestimate. Sure the dishwasher does wonders cleaning flatware, cups and plates…but it can so much more!

We all have items around the house that need a good cleaning and we can’t just throw them in the washing machine.

The dishwasher is great because it is super sanitary! Hot water, soap, more hot water and then a nice drying session using hot air! After saying it like that…I wouldn’t mind be able to fit in the dishwasher! Sounds kind of nice!

Anyways…here are a few items around the house that clean up nicely in the dishwasher!

1. Chew Toys!

Your dogs chew toys sure do get nasty! Throw them in the dishwasher every once in a while and your pup will thank you!

2. Hairbrushes

There is no doubt these puppies get filthy and can carry germs. A cycle in the dishwasher should take care of all germs and make those brushes like new again!

3. Hair Cutting Tools

Whether you use an electric shaver for your face, legs or head…you can clean the attachments easily right in the dishwasher!

4. LEGO’s

LEGO’s no doubt get super gross! Germs, dirt and just plain filth! Cleaning LEGO’s in the dishwasher is pure genius and you will be super happy with the results! All your kids LEGO’s will look new again!

5. Teething Toy Thingies

You don’t want your little one constantly putting a nasty teething toy in their mouth…give it a good wash in the dishwasher! Voila! No germs…and like new again!

6. Waterproof Keyboards

Say goodbye to dead skin, dust and dirt in between the keys!

7. Small Trash Cans

This is actually rather satisfying! No one likes a dirty…tiny…trashcan.

8. Garden Tools

Give them a quick rinse in the sink or with the outside hose…and after a long day of gardening…toss them in the DW for a final clean!


9. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps wash up extremely well in the dishwasher. If you are worried about the hat losing its shape, you can go to any sports store and get a hat, cleaning apparatus.

10. Flip Flops

Washing your flops in the dishwasher is the absolute best way to make your airy foot attire like new again!

Image via Muriel Gottrop @Wikimedia Commons

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