Cleaning The Encrusted Oven Effortlessly: Useful Tips And Tricks

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One of the household activities that require more effort is undoubtedly the cleaning of the kitchen and appliances: not all of them are easy to sanitize and there are often many doubts about how to do it in the best way.

Not everyone, for example, knows how to clean an encrusted oven, which is one of the appliances that get dirty more easily and, precisely because it comes into direct contact with food, must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in the correct way. And others don’t even know how to stop self-cleaning ovens. Cleaning the oven is anything but pleasant and, if done incorrectly, rather tiring and time-consuming. In certain situations, professional assistance such as that provided by Maytag appliance repair service is needed.

Types of oven and cleaning advice

How do you clean the oven effortlessly? First of all, you need to know your oven first: depending on the type, you can intervene using the best method. Currently, the most common types of ovens are:

– Self-cleaning oven: it is able to reach temperatures such as to incinerate dirt and internal residues in a totally autonomous way.

– Oven with self-cleaning panels: it has ceramic layers that cover the panels themselves, which instantly dissolve and burn the dirt that is already generated while using the oven.

– Classic oven: it must be cleaned and degreased completely by hand, so it remains the most complex type of oven to clean.

The first two types simply require the removal and cleaning of the internal grids, often carried out in a basin of soapy water with the aid of a sponge; while cleaning the oven door can be done with a sponge soaked in kitchen detergent. Ignoring recommended cleaning methods can lead to self-cleaning oven fires.

Here is the step by step procedure.

– First of all, the oven must be naturally cold: open the oven door and remove the internal grids which will be immersed in water and detergent.

– At this point, you can clean the inside of the oven using a specific product (there are several on the market) or by creating a solution of water and bicarbonate (1 liter of water and 4 or 5 spoons of bicarbonate, to be inserted in a spray).

– Insist on the dirtiest or burnt areas by spraying the solution or product and leave to act for at least 1 hour.

– Put on rubber gloves and manually clean the oven with a sponge and a spatula to remove the most difficult encrustations.

– If you use the solution of water and bicarbonate it is useful to repeat the operation a second time.

– At this point, you can rinse the oven with a solution of water and vinegar and dry it with a dry cloth.

– Clean and dry the racks and put them back in the oven.

– Clean the oven door with a cloth soaked in water and kitchen detergent.

Products to clean the oven: how to choose them?

If the surfaces are really very dirty and there is a fear that the solution made with water and bicarbonate is not enough, you can use one of the products to clean the oven on the market.

Usually, these are chemical products, therefore effective but not natural, and for this reason, they must be used very carefully, avoiding inhalation of the vapors they produce. Most are specific degreasers present in the form of sprays, easy to use, and also suitable for being turned upside down and reaching the most difficult points of the oven. Being chemical-based, these products are very effective and consequently, a single pass is enough to remove dirt and dissolve encrustations, as long as the product is allowed to act for the necessary time, always indicated on the label. They are commonly used to do some specific work such as Samsung oven self-clean.

After letting the product act, it can be removed with a microfiber cloth. The cleaning effect is guaranteed and often products of this type deposit a protective barrier on the internal surfaces of the oven that prevents dirt from settling again for a while. Also for the grids and for the glass of the oven can be used chemical products present on the market, naturally choosing those specific for each use.

Hopefully, these tips can be useful.