Clearly Canadian Is Back In Production, We Can All Finally Get Some Sleep At Night!

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Being from Maine, I surely drank my fair share of the ever so tasty beverage, Clearly Canadian. Growing up I would pound at least two of these refreshing and fruity treats daily. Sadly this awesome 1980’s beverage left the consumers hands in 2009 and NOW IT’S BACK baby!

Back in January, venture capitalist Robert R. Kahn purchased the brand and developed a unique campaign to bring it back to market.  The plan: Begin selling preorders of Clearly Canadian by the case.  Once they reach 25,000 orders – boom – the clear, fruit-flavored soda would get bottled. On March 18th, Clearly Canadian announced they had reached their goal and were starting production.

Under Kahn’s leadership, Clearly Canadian is returning to its classic 11-ounce bottle and is back to just four flavors: Mountain Blackberry, Wild Cherry, Orchard Peach and Country Raspberry.  Whether or not the clear soda can once again get beyond direct sales and return to its ‘90s glory is still to be seen however.

I don’t know exactly how much soda Clearly Canadian moved back then, but as I stated before…I know I personally was good for 730 bottles per year, give or take!

Source : Story first broke on FoodandWine

Your welcome, now you may get some rest:-)