Not Just For Colds | 10-Clever Ways To Use Vicks Vaporub

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Whenever we or our children are sick we tend grab the handy, dandy Vicks Vaporub for help. The intense aroma is great for clearing clogged airways and allowing the sick to breath again! 

However, there are many other ways Vicks Vaporub is beneficial to the human body. Here are 10 ways you can use the potent rub to benefit yourself!

1. Help Remove Stretch Marks

Turns out that rubbing a little Vick’s on your belly will help prevent and fight those stretch marks! Some of the key ingredients in the jelly-like substance are eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil and a whole list of other materials which all help keep the skin soft and smooth.


2. Anti-Bruising

Whenever you wind up with a bruise you should know that the properties in Vick’s VapoRub when combined with a pinch of salt will actively work at dissolving the bruise to return your skin to normal!


3. Sore Muscle Relief

The menthol in the jelly will work not only to give you that cool sensation, but also to relieve muscle tension.



4. Train Your Animals

The potent smell of Vicks is one that pets can’t stand. Simply rub a little bit on an area where you don’t want your pet to get into!



5. Prevent Dry, Cracking Heals

Keep those dry heals moist with Vicks! The soothing and moistening properties of Vicks works wonders on cracked and dry heals!



6. Headache & Migraine Relief

If you’re a chronic sufferer of headaches and migraines it might benefit you to know that running a little on each side of your temple will give you that cool feeling as the menthol kicks in and will also help relieve some of the pressure.




7. Ear Ache Relief

If you take a little cotton ball and rub it on the inside of your ear every few hours it can actually work to help relieve you from the pain of an earache. It will also work to prevent any infections from occurring!




8. Sunburn Relief

The sun can be harsh and dry our skin in a big way. Typically one would use Aloe Vera to sooth a sunburn, but if you don’t have any aloe available…Vicks works wonders!



9. Un-Chap Your Lips

Vicks has wonderful moistening properties, which is exactly what dry lips need! 



10. Fight Toenail Fungus

One of the key ingredients which makes Vick’s VapoRub what it is, is thymol. This is what gives the jelly it’s antiseptic properties, so rubbing a bit on your nails will help fight fungus and keep your feet looking clean!



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