Super Creepy Wedding Photo Goes Viral

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‘Killer clown’ wedding photo shocks newlywed on her anniversary!

clown wedding photo

Newlywed Manda Alexander was in for a shock when her husband gifted her a picture from their wedding with an unexpected guest. (Pop of Color Images/Megan Bowling)

A newlywed was in “complete shock” on her anniversary after opening a gift from her husband.

Manda Alexander of San Antonio, Texas, was celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary with husband, Vincent Alexander, last Sunday. Vincent gifted Manda a framed picture from their wedding day.

Vincent had planned the year-long prank after Manda did not seem excited about having a clown at their wedding.

“Originally, I had wanted a clown just for the cocktail hour during the reception, just to be twisting balloons and doing little jokes. Manda was not really for that,” Vincent told ABC News.

So, naturally Vincent had his brother sneak around the couples photo shoot wearing a sketchy clown costume!

The day of the wedding, Vincent wasn’t sure if his little brother was going to go through with the plan, but he showed up wearing a clown costume and holding a knife! Game on!

It wasn’t until a full year went by that Vincent let his wife in on the little secret…as you can see in the video below!

Posted by Vincent Alexander on Friday, March 23, 2018