Man Planning Suicide Reveals How 1-Cup Of Coffee Saved His Life

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Performing random acts of kindness is something that many of us do on a daily basis. Whether it is paying it forward in a drive thru line, or helping someone carry something to their car. Often times we don’t truly realize just how much of an impact these tiny acts of kindness can have on people. Glen Oliver of Pickering, Ontario, Canada found this out in a remarkable way.

One morning Glenn was purchasing a coffee at his local Tim Horton’s. As he was paying for his coffee he decided to pay for the person’s food behind him in line, an act that Glenn often does. Glenn paid for the man’s food and told the cashier to tell the man to have a wonderful day and that his breakfast was on him! Little did Glenn know…that kind gesture would save a man’s life.

A few months later, local newspaper News Durham received an anonymous letter.. In the letter, a local resident told the story of how they’d chosen one day in July to be their last day on earth. They explained that they were suicidal and could think of no reason to go on. They decided to pick up coffee and a muffin at Tim Horton’s before heading home to take their own life, but that’s when fate intervened.

Glenn’s act of kindness encouraged the suicidal man to for go his plans of suicide for a little longer. When the man got home, he decided to try and ‘pay it forward’, spending the day helping his neighbor and carrying in their groceries.

 “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” they wrote in his letter, “and know your kind gesture has truly saved a life … On July 18, 2017, I not only had a great day, I had the greatest day!”

“Why me? Why today?” The letter read. “If I was a religious sort I would take this as a sign. This random act of kindness was directed at me on this day for a purpose.”

When Glenn read the story in his local paper he knew he was the person in the SUV who had purchased the man’s breakfast that fateful day. He remained humble and was thrilled to know that his tiny gesture saved this man’s life.

“You never know the impact it will have on someone until you hear their story,” he said. “Like such a small, insignificant thing to most people just turned out to be… the planets align for somebody.”

Glen Oliver

The former-suicidal man told the paper that Glenn’s small act of kindness “enriched my life in more ways than I could’ve imagined.”

The world certainly needs more Glenn’s. 🙂