Mind Reader Colin Cloud Blows AGT Fan’s Minds With Out Of This World Performance

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Colin Cloud is a contestant on America’s Got Talent and he appears to hold some extraordinary, out of this world powers. Cloud is a mentalist and works as a criminal profiler…sort of like a real life version of ‘Criminal Minds’.

During his most recent semi-final America’s Got Talent performance, Cloud blew the minds of everyone watching. Cloud gave everyone in the audience a piece of paper that contained a random selection of tweets. Everyone’s list of tweets were different and were in response to a question that cloud tweeted out weeks before the performance on the AGT Twitter account. 

He asked people to reply with any random celebrity name, object and city. Thousands of responses came flooding in. 

Colin Cloud AGT Tweet

As the audience members all held copies of those tweets, Cloud asked the Simon Cowell and Howie Mandell to get up and grab as many of the pieces of paper from audience members as possible, within 10-seconds. 

Once the papers were gathered, he had judge Heidi pick point to one tweet at random. After that…things got very freaky and very real! You must watch below to see what happens! It is absolutely mind blowing!