Mind Reader Colin Cloud Convinces Mel B To Stab Simon Cowell On America’s Got Talent

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Colin Cloud is a contestant on America’s Got Talent and he appears to hold some extraordinary, out of this world powers. Colin is a mentalist and works as a criminal profiler…sort of like a real life version of ‘Criminal Minds’.

During his most recent America’s Got Talent performance, Colin invited Simon Cowell and Mel B on stage as part of his act. Using a member of the audience, Colin figured out how Simon Cowell would be murdered, which weapon would be used and why the murder would occur. Like a life like game of ‘Clue’, Colin figured out every single reason as to why Mr. Cowell was murdered. The beauty of this was, the random audience member chose the reason for the killing at random and not only did Colin guess it correctly, he even had the reason engraved on a plaque prior to the start of the show.

It was truly an impressive performance and if you missed it, it’s well worth the watch!