College Girl Buys Homeless Man A Coffee And Receives This Life Changing Note

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It was a typical trip to the local Dunkin’ Donuts for that mid-morning coffee break. Little did Casey Fischer realize, this coffee break would be far different from any other. It would be an experience that would change her life forever.


The in-between-class coffee break is a common routine with Casey. She is both a college student and a mom and getting a little caffeine boost is a must to juggle both her schooling and parenting.


One this particular day, Casey notice a homeless man outside the coffee shop begging for change. Casey continued into the coffee shop and the homeless man followed, counting out a handful of change. Casey noticed that the change would barley add up to a dollars worth, so she proceeded to purchase the man a coffee and a bagel, she then invited him to her table.


As the two shared a meal together, Casey learned quite a bit about “Chris.” He never knew his father, lost his mom to cancer, and suffered from drug addiction which turned him into a person whom he hated, rather than a person his mom would’ve been proud of. People treated Chris like a horrible person, just because he was homeless.

As Casey told Chris she had to head back to class, he pulled out a crumpled receipt and began to write on it. He smiled, handed her the paper and the two parted ways.

This is what Chris wrote :


One moment in time and simple random act of kindness saved one mans life. Take a moment and think of the incredible power that this small act of kindness had. This tiny gesture’s effect was amazingly far reaching.

Casey took to social media to share her story.



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