College Math Teacher Pulls Brilliant Pranks On His Students!

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Matthew Weathers is a math teacher at Biola University in La Mirada, California. Weathers has generated quite the reputation as being a bit of a trickster.

Weathers created a genius, interactive prank that he occasionally pulls on his class. You don’t see it coming, but when you realize what is happening…you are blown away!

Weathers creates scenarios where his computer, which is projected on the wall for the entire class to see, becomes interactive with himself. He creates the illusion that he, himself, is inside of the computer and communicating with…himself.

Weathers goes behind and “into” the screen, where the pair began to exchange blows and throw icons, some of which even fly out into the real world.

Eventually, video Weathers wins and traps the real Weathers. The video Weathers deletes his competition and exits the screen at the end.

Weathers said he used Adobe Premier and After Effects to create the on-screen skit and spent a lot of time practicing to make sure everything was perfect — what we see in the video is exactly what happened in class.

“I practiced about 20 times to get the timing right,” Weathers told Reddit. “But yes, I also had audio cues that helped a lot.”

His videos have been so popular that he even uploaded a tutorial on how to do it.

Check out what we mean below! We have put together a few of his best Youtube videos for you to enjoy!




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