College Roommates Set Up Hidden Camera To Catch Disgruntled Roommate Poisoning Their Food

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Most of us have had the pleasure, or un-pleasure of living with a roommate. Sometimes you luck out and your roommate(s) are absolutely awesome and other times, they can flat out suck and try to kill you. 

The latter was the case when it came to a few college roommates who grew suspicious of one of their roommates, Twenty-two-year-old University of South Carolina student Haley King. 

Haley was told to leave the home in which she shared with a few other college students after several fights. Prior to Haley moving out, the other roommates became suspicious of her after they started noticing their food didn’t taste right and they started falling ill. 

The roommates set up a hidden camera in the kitchen, focusing on the fridge and their theory was confirmed. Haley was poisoning their food by spraying various cleaning solutions onto and into their food. The occasional spit bomb was also dropped. 

This was back in 2015, but the moral of the story is…if you are suspicious of one of your roommates…you may want to set up a hidden camera. People are crazy and we don’t have time for crazy. 


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