College Transportation: Bike or Motorcycle

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College is a sum of numerous difficult choices to be made and although deciding which means of transportation to use when attending class doesn’t seem to be that high on the priorities’ list, it can become a matter of great influence on your future. The usual dilemma consists in whether taking the car, the public transportation system, a motorcycle or a bike for college campus. We’re taking a comparing look at the pros and cons of using bikes or motorcycles to get in time to school.

Making economies by riding a bike

Riding a bike to campus is, without any doubt the cheapest way to travel to school. After the initial purchase, there isn’t much to pay for, as the bike’s maintenance doesn’t cost that much. And bikes don’t require the periodical supply of fuel, as all motor-based vehicles do.

Not having to go through the daily purchase of bus tickets or car fueling, can turn into an important saving at the end of the month. Savings mean a lot, especially when you’re a student. And this money can be used in many more constructive ways, whether for:

  • pedagogical purposes, such as buying extra textbooks, taking classes for improving skills or learning foreign languages, purchasing an essay from PapersOwl, to use as a future reference for tasks to come. After all, you can not save money on study, but you can do it on transport.
  • entertainment, as buying tickets to concerts, organizing trips, visiting museums, or even in the purpose of buying your first motorcycle.

Environment protectors

One of the most intense preoccupations now for college students and youngsters alike, is protecting the environment to the best of their possibilities. Avoiding pollution is the main concern, as well as the domain where each student can participate without making a tremendous effort. While choosing the course of action that feels to be the best, bike for college commuting is clearly the most polluting-free option. Coming in close behind, especially when comparing to car traveling, is riding the motorcycle. These two are the options that issue the least amount of emissions and they inflict the least useful to the roads. A campus full of youngsters appreciating the ecosystem, by reducing exhaust fumes in the area, can become a go-to place of reference for a real ecological movement.

Staying in shape

Instead of spending your money to hire a personal coach to keep you in tip-top shape, a great substitute could come in the form of pedaling the bike daily to and from class. It accounts for a recommended cardio exercise. More so, given the reduced amount of time at students’ disposal, using the time spent commuting, otherwise wasted, to do this fitness exercise, means making the most of the available resources.

Riding the motorcycle to school can become a sort of therapy. There have been many studies that show the focus needed to ride and the freedom felt, help the biker reach a level of relaxation, and a clear head, close to the effects zen meditation might have.

Looking cool

The social statute of someone riding a motorcycle is undeniable. It’s the archetype of a rebel spirit, one that opposes the system and social restrictions. It also represents freedom, a concept many students are eager to get behind. And any student is trying to define himself, first of all, through the eyes of his peers. Owning a motorcycle tells the whole world about the adventurous life he has and the interesting experiences that await him.

Commuting becomes less of a hassle both ways

Even if using the bike, or going for the extravagant motorcycle ride, the concern of circling around campus in search of a parking space, becomes a memory of the past. Finding a crammed space that can become a parking lot for your two-wheeled vehicle is much faster and easier than for a car.

On the other hand, we’ve all known those days when bad time management has found us in the subway, checking essays for plagiarism online, or doing the final proofreading of an already printed thesis. Although the effects were minimal, as usually there was not enough time to make any essential changes to your work, at least it provided mental comfort and washed away a small bit of the emotions felt before an important exam.

Social matters

Taking care of the basic social need of being part of a larger community is, perhaps, most stringent felt during those first weeks of college life. Getting in a group united by the pleasure of riding the bike, for college students or joining a motorcycle enthusiasts’ get-together, can aid in adverting that feeling of awkwardness and loneliness. And what is most important, you’re all joined by a common passion and talking about the same interests, regarding racing, riding, engines, exhaust pipes, customization and motorcycles in general, can please even the most introvert of people.


Both means of transportation hold some common advantageous viewpoints and we can all agree that using either is more beneficial than choosing the public transport system or driving the car. So, either you choose the cheap and environment-friendly option of pedaling a bike to class or going for the glamorous and cool alternative of riding the motorcycle, there are plenty benefits that make the trip to college, a great ride.