“Health” Drink Turns People Blue And It Doesn’t Even Work

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colloidal silver blue skin

Source | ABC News

Argyria is a condition where a person’s skin turns blue. There is no cure and it is permanent. By medical definition, Argyria is a “blue-grey discoloration of the skin and mucus membrane.

The condition was brought into the mainstream when Paul Karason appeared on the Today Show to explain to the world what had happened to him. 

Karason brought on the condition himself by ingesting colloidal silver and rubbing it on his skin on a daily basis. Colloidal silver is silver ions dispersed in water. Karason started ingesting it after seeing a demonstration of how an old daisy was brought back to life after being immersed in it.

Karason hoped that ingesting the same liquid would help him with his long term health prospects. Sadly, Karason passed away from a heart-attack in 2011 at the age of 62. Karason had started taking colloidal silver just five years earlier. 

There are a ton of Youtube videos on how to make your own colloidal silver, how it kills bacteria and even some videos claiming it kills AIDS. We wouldn’t recommend trying to make or take colloidal silver. 

Karason isn’t the only person to have developed Argyria due to colloidal silver intake. 

Stan Jones, a liberal politician from Montana started taking colloidal silver leading up to Y2K because he believed that anti-biotics would be found in short supply. The last time he ran for office the papers had dubbed him a “true-blue candidate”.

colloidal silver blue skin

Rosemary Jacobs is a Montessori teacher from New York, and she is also known as the “silver lady” because she developed Argyria because she took colloidal silver nasal drops that a doctor prescribed her as a child.

colloidal silver blue skin

Take a look at Karason on Oprah explaining his condition and how it happened.